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Remote Support and Managed Services

At Joslin Computer, we are proud to offer the convenience of remote support to our clients.  If you are experiencing problems with your personal computer, business network, servers, or other pieces of technology, then contact Joslin Computer Solutions today. We can often diagnose your computer problems fix them remotely and over the phone. It’s our passion to serve as a top computer repair shop in the Raleigh, Durham, and Wake Forest communities in North Carolina.

Managed services encompass the process of monitoring, updating, and ensuring the security of the machines at another location. It also includes continuous optimization of computer hardware and software performance issues. Remote support services help to increase the uptime of your servers and other computers, and can save a lot of money compared to frequent on site visits associated with computer maintenance. Furthermore, when things do go wrong and an onsite visit is mandatory, a remote diagnosis is possible if remote services are in place. This means that we will be able to identify and understand your computer problems so that we can fix them during the first visit. This is yet another opportunity for saving your company time and money on computer maintenance and repair.


With Managed Services, you’ll get this


No more of this









Having a managed service provider frees up the time and human resources at your company to work on profitable projects. Nobody wants to be stuck troubleshooting workstations or servers, or deciphering cryptic error messages unless they are skilled professionals like our team members at Joslin Computer Solutions.

Joslin Computer Solutions seeks to provide the highest quality remote service solutions in Durham, Raleigh, and Wake Forest. We work with small businesses, research organizations, and large enterprises on a regular basis and have an established track record of customer satisfaction. We hope to share our dedication of excellence with you and your company. It’s our passion to bring the highest level of value to other businesses in Raleigh, Wake Forest, and Durham. Providing top notch remote services at fair prices is our way of giving back to the North Carolina neighborhoods we have grown to love as the years have gone by. 

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