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Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Have you ever needed data from work when you were home or on the road?  How would you like your work hard drives mapped straight to your laptop or home PC or Mac, wherever you are?  Joslin Computer Solutions offers secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) services in Raleigh, North Carolina. Whether you need to set up a new virtual private network or if you are interested in having upgrades to your current system, Joslin Computer Solutions is here to help. Information security is a primary concern in the computer world, and Joslin Computer Solutions is up to date on the latest updates and practices in virtual private network configuration and maintenance. There is no valid reason to risk data compromise in the hands of malicious hackers or accidental leak within your organization when Joslin Computer Solutions is ready to offer virtual private network security consulting in Raleigh, North Carolina.

There are two types of virtual private networks in today’s digital world. First, remote access VPNs are set up for individual users who are not fixed in one location - they can log in anywhere at their convenience. The second kind of VPN is the site to site VPN, which is specialized for the needs of static location communications.

You never know what the ramifications of a security breach could be. Simply watching the news today shows us that information privacy and security needs to be a top priority in any serious business environment. That’s because you are dealing with not only the private information of you and your co-workers, but often businesses are also handling data that is sensitive for our clients' identities. There is nothing more frustrating for a client than to hear the news that their personal data has been compromised due to the neglect of a company that they trust. It’s really a shocking piece of information to hear - and we assure you, it’s not something that you want to ever have to tell any of your clients. 

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